PushStart was founded in March 2011 by Kim HerasRoger Kermode and John Haining - 3 long-time members of the Australian Startup Community.

Since 2012 it has been run by Kim Heras of 25Fifteen and Roger Kermode of HP, supported by an amazing group of Friends of PushStart who dedicate their time and effort in the pursuit of PushStart's values


Core to the creation of PushStart are a few key values:

1. Helping People = Win.

There’s no secret recipe to startup success but what we can say with some certainty is that if we help startup entrepreneurs, as people, develop their skills, knowledge and experience then they’ll have benefited even if their startup fails.

2. Building Community = Win.

Cooperation and competition have long been acknowledged as key ingredients in the formation of successful industries. As such, the potential for success of each Australian tech startup improves dramatically the more we grow the local tech startup community.

PushStart believes strongly in the idea that connecting people from different parts of the ecosystem is the best way to create a local community that will in turn create the type of startups that will bring the world’s attention to Australia.

With that in mind, while we’re really keen to bring people together we’re also really keen to help people tap into other activities in the local startup ecosystem run by other incredible people who share a passion for building the Australian tech startup industry too. Whether community events, other accelerators, other funding opportunities or anything else, PushStart’s ultimate success will be judged by how high we can help the ecosystem as a whole rise, not just our own progress.

3. Open and Inclusive = Win.

People and community are great but if the activities PushStart is involved with are closed off to a select few, then what will we really have achieved?

As such, PushStart aims to be open and inclusive with all of our activities.