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San Francisco, California 94105
Ernest W. Semerda

Current Title

Co-Founder/CTO of Medlert Inc. and blogger at

Give a brief overview of your background / experience

I make problems go away & help save lives.

  • 2012 Co-Founder/CTO of Medlert; saving lives, 1 push notifies friends, family and calls 911 of an emergency.
  • 2012 Launched GTDfaster; an innovative getting things done ios mobile app.
  • 2011 Sold Couponstar Ltd to, a $1B company.
  • 2009 Moved to Silicon Valley! Launched blog to help other budding entrepreneurs with their journey to silicon valley.
  • 2004-11 CTO of Couponstar Ltd. Founding team. From an idea to an International company based out of London & Sydney.
  • Pre 2004 Co-Founded various startups in the financial, analytics & music space. Various Engineering roles at AMP Ltd, Australia's largest retail and corporate superannuation provider with more than A$124 billion in assets under management.