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Sydney, NSW 2000
Eddie Geller

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I was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unique World before it was acquired by Jacobs at the end of 2011. Steering it through many many ups and downs, it was satisfying to grow the business to a point where we were generating 22% net margin.
In the 12 months leading up to the sale of Unique World, Unique World successfully won the Great Game of Business All-Star award, was selected as a Top 50 great place to work in Australia and the first company in Australia to ever win the Microsoft Global Partner of the Year award for Portals and Collaboration.

Over the past 18 months I have been involved with the startup community which has been very rewarding. I love working with teams to look at markets and innovative ways to disrupt the status quo. I enjoy advising and working with companies to assist them in reaching their potential.

With Orchestrate Group I invest and advise startups that have global potential with a focus on marketplace disruption. Also, I am an advisor to several companies and aim to assist them with strategy and operational excellence, whilst coaching the CEO on leadership and employee engagement... the ultimate key to success.